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Market Research

The forces of change in Eastern and Southern Africa beckon for a thorough understanding of the business climate occasioned by multiple trading blocs, growing trade liberalization, and a more complex regulatory environment. Pentascope will help you craft winning cost-cutting and risk management strategies to guarantee your business competitiveness.

We provide emerging market search, country assessments, sector assessments, market research and analysis, qualitative research studies and position papers to aid dialogue and lobbying with industry regulators and agencies. We conduct transport feasibility plans and risk management plans for senior corporate entities that desire to establish and expand market presence in COMESA, EAC, and SADC. Our unique approach uses the latest data analytics techniques to provide accurate estimations of demand, supply, and competition in your target market.

Project Management

Africa has a financing pipeline of an estimated US$ 60 billion in infrastructure investment projects across a diversified portfolio ranging from energy, water, road construction, extractives to railways and airports. The need for cost control, project efficiency, and timely delivery couldn’t get more critical!

Pentascope provides specialized consulting services for contractors and subcontractors, building bridges for effective end-to-end solutions. At your request, we will deliver spend-management assessments and provide contract management (process management) services together with cost Audits, cost projections, Environmental Impact Assessments and Project Planning services.


The next generation corporation inevitably requires state-of-the-art, cutting edge management capabilities tuned to changing needs and demands of your target customer segment. Pentascope provides a flexible and adaptable range of training services designed to satisfy your unique competency needs. We enjoy an excellent network of industry experts tried and tested in establishing and operating Quality Certification systems and able to deliver successful Trainers of Trainers programs.

Pentascope provides Training Needs Assessments, Competency Assessments, and support for Competency Assessment Frameworks tailored for Manufacturing, Industry, Agro-processing, and Tourism.

Strategy Design

The strategic choices business managers and CEOs need to make today are critical for winning market share now and into the future. Pentascope will provide you with quality emerging market assessments, branding strategies, product design support, sector analyses, country strategies, access to finance support, corporate and business unit strategies aided by a unique approach underpinned by sound systems thinking. Our unique Consulting offer support provides you with excellent end-to-end design, implementation and execution capacities, guaranteed to deliver your business competitiveness.

Investment & Trade Advisory

Investment and trade expansion in the emerging markets of Africa is not for the faint-hearted. We take a pragmatic analytical view of your investment and expansion plans, providing you with country risk assessments, project investment and financial analysis to aid your corporate investment strategies. Our experienced chartered financial analysts will help you hit the ground running on your road towards success.

At Pentascope, we have created a unique experience we call the PENTASCOPE WAY!. We go the extra mile not only to satisfy your specific needs but to impact your life, that of your customers and your community. We are committed to ensuring that our passion creates real impact for the foreseeable future


Pentascope fully appreciates the demand for Industry 4.0 services and strives to bridge the gap between legacy systems and the new digital economy.

Pentascope partners with Consulting Global LLC, an American software development company, specialized in state-of-the-art document management solutions and Incorporated in the state of Illinois USA. Consulting Global LLC is headquartered and operates from the city of Hoffman Estates (near Chicago).

We satisfy your custom needs for transitioning from a paper-based documentation system to a digital electronic environment aiding easy storage, retrieval and retention of records, cloud services and systems re-design.
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